Michael Foguth was quoted in this recent the personal finance article by Forbes.

5 Things To Do On Personal Inventory Days

by: Janet Berry-Johnson

Excerpt: On a recent episode of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend, Sabrina Hersi Issa, CEO of Be Bold Media and Venture Partner at Jump Canon, shared her method for taking stock of goals, keeping tabs on her finances and simply making time for all of the things most of us know we need to do, but have trouble making time for. It’s called a Personal Inventory Day.

Hersi Issa blocks off a day on her calendar each month and uses that day to check her credit report, look at her savings goals, reviewing her personal budget, schedule doctor’s appointments, track progress on goals and send gratitude notes.

Michael Foguth, As Quoted in Forbes: “Review your memberships. Today, everything is set to auto-renew. This includes gym memberships, entertainment, and even app purchases. Something that you set out to use regularly may not be being used as frequently as you had intended. The membership cost may only be a small amount per month, but over a year it can add up. Know when your auto-renew dates are for the month and the year so you can take full advantage of what you have paid for.”

Editor Note: Michael Foguth is quoted frequently in major media as a trusted source of financial wisdom.  He provides financial advice from his offices in Brighton, Michigan.

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