Brighton’s Michael Foguth Talks 5 Ways to Battle Debt

Michael Foguth visited WJRT on December 9 to talk about 5 ways to battle debt after the holiday spending season. Got questions? We'd love to assist with any concerns you may have regarding your retirement strategy. Contact us using the form below! First Name*Last Name*Email* Phone*Comments/Questions **PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be [...]

The Real Secret to Market-Beating Returns on Investment

What is the Real Secret to Market-Beating Returns? In my last four columns, we’ve discussed whether luck or skill – or some combination of the two – is the primary determinant of economic success. Today, we address this question to the stock market. Is investor success there a matter of luck or skill? For noninvestors and … Read More

Fees can do serious damage to your retirement

Dear Liz: When I changed jobs, I rolled my 401(k) account into an IRA and took it to a financial planner. He invested it initially and now has a management company watching it. So now I am paying quarterly fees to him, the management company and the IRA custodian. The fees average about $2,000 a year. I am … Read More

The 3rd Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study (GLIS)

Press Release Fact Sheet   Guaranteed Lifetime Income is Highly Valued According to the 3rd Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study, 61% of consumers age 55-75 see high value in having guaranteed lifetime income to supplement Social Security in retirement. In fact, a similar share – six in 10 – believe financial advisors have a responsibility to present … Read More

Survey Reveals Clients Love Annuities, Hesitant to Buy

Retirees and pre-retirees overwhelmingly want their financial advisors to present them with a palate of retirement income strategies, but few advisors actually do, a new survey found. Consumers also believe financial advisors have a responsibility and a duty to present them with financial products that provide guaranteed lifetime income, according to the 3rd Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income … Read More