Don’t be fooled by the bull market mirage

Show Me The Money “School days” inexorably continue at the Gross household, not just because of grandchildren, but because of the necessity to teach my own kids the complexities and pitfalls of investing. As I get older, I fear I may unduly introduce them to a 1930s Will Rogers warning about losing money: “I’m not so much concerned about the return on … Read More

Happy Birthday, Bull Market! It May Be Your Last

Wall Street this week celebrated the arrival of a bronze-cast defiant girl staring down its iconic charging bull statue, installed in honor of International Women’s Day. But the proverbial bull is also celebrating a milestone of its own: The bull market in U.S. stocks turns eight years old on Thursday, March 9. 8: A Milestone … Read More

Warren Buffett’s best investment tip for everyone – index funds

Investment guru, billionaire Warren Buffet, has an investment tip that anyone can bank on! When one of the world’s richest men provides free money tips, it’s worthwhile to pay attention. Warren Buffett does so in the chairman’s letter contained in Berkshire Hathaway’s latest annual report, offering a strong vote of confidence for a blue-collar investment vehicle. As … Read More

Third Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study Reveals Growing Consumer Concern About Maintaining Standard of Living in Retirement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Simon Erskine Locke Islay Communications, Inc. Tel: +1-917-359-6969   Recognition of Need to Take More Investment Risk, Anxious About Investment Loss Majority of Consumers Say Advisors Have Responsibility to Present Guaranteed Lifetime Income Products as Option to Clients WASHINGTON, DC, March 8, 2017 – The number of Americans who said they were … Read More

The 3 Biggest Risks Haunting the Global Economy

The global economy affects everyone, and it is haunted by some serious risks! The stock market could crash. Protectionist trade policies might backfire leading to job losses. Or housing booms in some countries could go bust. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) looked into its crystal ball Tuesday, and warned that while the global … Read More