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Everyone has a unique life experience, and different financial goals. We look forward to learning about yours. Our 45-60 minute connection meeting with you is complimentary. We make it easy to connect with us: whether it’s at one of our free events, over the phone, video conferencing or in person in our beautiful and comfortable office.


We work diligently to create a detailed financial strategy that is customized to accomplish your financial goals. Once we are confident we have something of benefit for you, we will meet again to spend at least 45 minutes with you, explaining in detail what we discovered and answer all of your questions. We will discuss our pricing and fees so there are no surprises. We never pressure you into a financial plan you do not want.  This time we spend together is also complimentary, with no obligation.


If you are happy with our service so far, the plan we created for you, and you would like to implement your plan, then and only then will we discuss welcoming you into our family to begin our professional relationship.  If you don’t feel we are a good fit, then we will shake hands and wish you well on your financial future.

Our Services


“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.” Albert Einstein Wealth accumulation is dependent on on where you are in your financial lifespan. It may be appropriate for you to have a certain portion of your assets at risk in the marketing within your investment portfolio. Not every person is the same, and accordingly, each financial product recommended to you will be based upon your risk tolerance, age, and goals moving forward.

Retirement Income

With fewer and fewer companies offering pensions and defined benefit plans, it’s become rarer and rarer for anyone to have a future income stream that he or she can rely on during retirement. Several financial products, like annuities, provide an investor the opportunity to solve that problem by creating his or her own personal pension.


A Roth IRA's main advantages are its tax structure and the additional flexibility that this tax structure provides. We will help you determine if this product is beneficial for your goals or not.


We offer cutting-edge and versatile products that not only provide a death benefit, but can also accumulate cash value. Examples include whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and variable life insurance. Each type has its own unique characteristics and traits, but the goal for each is to provide your loved ones with a sense of financial security should you die prematurely and also accumulate as much cash value as possible for you to tap into on an income-tax-free basis. More and more people are buying cash value life insurance because of the tax efficiency it offers.


In a time where the stock market seems to be exceptionally volatile because of world events, politics, and its ordinary market fluctuations, principal protection is arguably the most important service any financial professional can offer you. We examine each client’s unique portfolio carefully, educating you about your options and steps you can take to potentially lower risk.


We can help you determine if rolling over assets from one plan to another plan is beneficial for you. Depending on the specifics of your account, it may or may not be in your best interest.

Tax Minimization

Recognizing that no investor wants to have to pay more than necessary in taxes, we analyze how certain financial products may make sense for your financial planning in order to minimize your tax burden. Certain products offer tax deferral so that you only pay taxes when you actually take a withdrawal. Others, like life insurance, also offer the opportunity to be used on an income-tax-free basis when structured properly.


Annuities are arguably the most common, most utilized, yet most misunderstood financial products available to consumers today. In fact, most investors have no idea that there are actually four very different and unique types of annuities available to them. Instead, most people have been misled by both the media and certain financial personalities who misrepresent and lump all annuities together as if each one works exactly the same.


We are living longer and longer. Let us help you establish strategies that can cover long term care expenses.

Upcoming Events

We are committed to educating everyone about finances. Our workshops are free of charge and are full of valuable, relevant information that matters to you and your retirement. Topics include taxes, social security, and we regularly host established financial figures from around the country.


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