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Guaranteed Lifetime Income is Highly Valued

According to the 3rd Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study, 61% of consumers age 55-75 see high value in having guaranteed lifetime income to supplement Social Security in retirement. In fact, a similar share – six in 10 – believe financial advisors have a responsibility to
present products that offer this benefit to their clients as part of a retirement income strategy.

A significant part of the appeal appears to stem from a strong desire to be protected against investment loss: eight in 10 agree that it is especially important for those over age 50 to have a strategy in place to protect their portfolio.


GLI Study shows importance of strategy to protect portfolio against investment loss

Consumers are especially interested in having this financial protection in place to guarantee that they can cover essential expenses in retirement: six in 10 say it is important to own a product that helps on this front; half see it as important for covering discretionary expenses. This difference makes sense considering that retirees have much more control over their discretionary spending. A majority of consumers also see these products as desirable when they are presented as part of an understandable strategy for managing retirement income.

It is important to own a product that guarantees income for life

Perceived Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned, the financial protection that guaranteed lifetime income products offer is it’s most salient and valued characteristic. Consumers also see these products as offering peace of mind and making it easier to manage a budget in retirement. In addition, when asked why they made the purchase, those who own guaranteed lifetime income products most often cite the importance of having the guarantee as well as the security and dependability they offer. Few consumers consider how these products might offer additional benefits to a portfolio, such as helping to diversify and allowing one to take more risk with other assets.

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